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stronghold crusader download free for pc

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stronghold crusader download free for pc

Stronghold Crusader is slightly different from other RTS type games. In the game, there is a manual that makes you clarify the mechanics of the game and the uses of the different developments and characters. 

stronghold crusader
stronghold crusader

With Stronghold Crusader you will be put back in years, when it comes to campaigns. This exact area of ​​the room allows the entire game to take an exact turn.

The game has been adored and appreciated by gamers since its inception. The game has received critical acclaim for its many new features and more realistic graphics. 

Multiplayer mode allows players to play the game with friends. The developers have put more emphasis on this feature.


It features a multitude of real-time battle chains that take place in the Middle East. Stronghold Crusader has individual crossover areas where peasants fight each other. Each campaign is made up of multiple battles. 

They are fun to play and you can fight to the end. You will receive different useful items after completing each Campaign. Many options will also be unlocked.

This latest installment introduces the crossed trails which is 50 more missions against multiple enemies. This game offers a variety of quests, campaigns, and a wide range of characters.

All of them can be seen in skirmish mode as AI controlled characters. They can be chosen by the players as their allies or enemies. 

These characters have a unique feature: they can communicate with players, ask for equipment or help if they are friends with the player. They can also taunt and express pain if they are the enemy.


Stronghold Crusader follows the story and gameplay of the original series. The only difference is that this latest installment is set in the Middle East. Because that's all they have, people must build farms on the oasis grass. 

Because resources and farmland are limited, they all eventually come into contention.

Players can use other resources, such as iron ore, quarries, and swamps. For your livelihood. Players will need to collect these resources during the game.

 Players can choose to sell the resources or use them for defense. Stronghold Crusader offers two options for building an army with Crusaders.

First, players have the option to craft weapons, turn farmers into soldiers, or spend more gold to turn them into soldiers directly through a mercenary position.


The game allows players to travel back in time to the historical crusades. You can choose to play Richard, the Lionheart, or the Sultan of Syria and Saladin. You can choose which role you want to play. 

Your team will be shaped by years of hard work and surrounded by the heat of the desert and the intense rays of the sun. 

Then you will fight your battles with the same courage as Saladin. These are just a few of the many features of Stronghold Crusader.

  • A variety of battles to win.

Stronghold Crusader, the latest iteration of the franchise, has many campaigns available for players to choose from. 

and ,You can compete in any campaign you choose and earn great rewards and loot. The game offers Heraclea and Krak des Chevaliers, as well as the Siege of Jerusalem, Nicaea, the Siege of Antioch, and the Siege of Jerusalem.

  • HD Edition

The developers have created a game with a more realistic feel by incorporating high resolution graphics. 

Players have more control than ever over their group of crusaders. High definition views of the battlefield are available, with the entire map of the area displayed on screen. 

You can use strategies and tactics to trap your enemies and then sit back and watch the destruction unfold.

  • historical crusades

As we have already said, players must create a crossover team and lead it as Richard or Saladin on a battlefield. 

Crusades are unique, timeless and impactful. They are still very effective and have stood the test of time.