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angry birds reloaded free download (ios & apk )

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 angry birds reloaded least version

angry birds reloaded , the Super Popular Game brand of the Editorial Rovio Entertainment, is considered the national mobile game, the symbol of the SMARTPHONE Arcade Game Village.

angry birds reloaded
angry birds reloaded

The game of Angry Birds is famous for its simple but attractive game. At first, you always feel that it is too easy, just touch, click and fact. The game is so easy for anyone, even a child, can play it easily. You can even play while you work. 

The game you can play at any time is the first criterion to make the success of angry birds. However, it is not as simple as it seems. Playing for a while, you'll be madly wondering why it's so difficult.

Each level always needs a bit quiet, thinking and perseverance of you. Strangely, no matter how easy or difficult, nothing can prevent you from playing. 

Angry birds always leaves an indescribable feeling of frustration when failed in the middle of a certain scene of the game, which makes you always want to go back and conquer it.

It may seem simple on the surface, but each level requires a meticulous plan. It is the depth under a humorous surface that makes the game addictive globally.

  • The story and your missions

The birds were disturbed by the green pigs and then left the branches of the trees while they slept. This time they are really angry. 

It's time to show some prestige and make the green pigs know what it is to be scared. Red, Chuck, Bomb, And Silver, then starts his classic Conlingshot and destroys all the obstacles, bunkers and fortresses of the green pigs. Go!

  • Graphics and sound

Angry Birds Reloaded is one of the most exciting games of the Angry Birds series. Although there may not be too many advances in the presentation of the scenes of the game, each round brings a rare joy with only a small simple operation. The effect of falling and falling the obstacle structure makes you want to rush to destroy everything. 

That is a feeling of stimulation. The lovely croakers of the birds and frustrations of the green pigs when they are destroyed, along with the sounds of obstacles collapsing, make the game dynamic and so fun. It is a feeling of emotion and fun.

  • The game of recharged angry birds

Angry Birds Reloaded is a casual puzzle game. The game involves players to launch pigs with a sling to destroy all of them. 

There are several structures and structures for pigs. With each level of the game, players can unlock more types of birds.

In the game, different types of birds are involved with different colors and shapes. In the first levels, RedBird is the only name available. 

Players can discover other birds as they advance through the game. When the bird is in the air, players can activate some of the special bird skills.

Game of Honda, high in Sprites and reused of the latest versions of Angry Birds Friends, which is a popular old Honda game. Some changes have been made to previous games as well.

Pork and eagle constructions are beaten with Slingshots, in addition to the birds used at the levels of the film 2. 

While in the air, birds and pigs can activate their skills, which is important to achieve higher levels. 

There are two versions of the game: The first is based on the Angry Birds movie, where the player uses birds to fight the pigeons, while the other uses birds and pigs, along with the fight against Zeta and the eagles of it. 

Each group consists of two members. Competitions in angry bird friends and classic angry birds will be repeated.

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The characteristics of the game angry birds reloaded 

  1. The main flock of angry birds, pigs and fresh challenges are new additions to this enlarged world, including red, mandrel, pump and more.
  2. The eagles are here in the new game mods! The new stages of destruction are causing havoc on the island. Angry birds: Could they be arrested?
  3. With Power-Ups, the destructive power of the birds will be promoted. Soar about the pork tower and demolish it!
  4. Check your scores against friends and family at local leadership boards to get the best boasting rights. iCloud will track all the results in the same account.
  5. The classic Game of Angry Birds is back, with hundreds of pigs, addictive levels and traditional Honda action. Now recharged, a timeless classic.

angry birds reloaded free download (ios  - apk ).