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qiwi wallet : simple way to transfer money

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qiwi wallet download

If you want to pay for things online quickly, please install qiwi wallet now. This application has many modern features, used by more than 16.1 million participants, and they are satisfied with it. 

qiwi wallet download
qiwi wallet download

Therefore, you should try to participate in order to transfer money faster and easier. After each payment, you will receive the most detailed and specific invoices.


QIWI Wallet will create opportunities for all players to play online in the most convenient way. 

You can pay what you want to buy quickly. In life, you can shop online freely. In addition, you can also reserve seats at the cinema… and much more. This app will help users quickly transfer money from one bank to another without fees.


QIWI plastic card can make payment directly at some stores conveniently and conveniently. You can pay in some cafes or convenience stores through your smartphone without using cash, log in on your device and load through the QR code in seconds. 

It would be better if you remember to check your transaction history to avoid unnecessary transfer errors.


Coming to QIWI Wallet, players will be able to enjoy the simplest and most intuitive interface. With the features it provides, you will be able to use it to the fullest.

Just have a phone number; you can sign up and use it, extremely simple, right? You then put your money into this wallet through direct banking. 

In addition, the layout of the image design is also easy to see and attracts the attention of many users. Anyone has the opportunity to participate in the use of this application whenever they need to participate.

 FEATURES qiwi wallet

  1. Users have the right to transfer and receive money through accounts faster and more conveniently than ever.
  2. You can pay and link to 75,000 different services anywhere in the world efficiently.
  3. Pay online through your mobile and effectively. The money will be transferred from one bank to another in just a few seconds.
  4. The application is convenient and easy to use, so many players trust it and are satisfied with everything because it has served users carefully.
  5. Everyone has the right to join this application to meet their own needs in the simplest and fastest way.
  6. The interface is neat and tidy, making it easy for users to enjoy the attractive features.
  7. Please share this app on social networking sites for everyone to know and use.

Mobile payment systems such as Android Pay or PayPal are becoming more and more popular. But apart from the latter, we must mention other services launched by different banks and financial operators. 

This is the case of QIWI Bank, specialized in electronic payment systems, mainly in Russia and other countries under its influence (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus...), in addition to the US and the United Arab Emirates.

QIWI Wallet: secure mobile payments

It offers us its Visa QIWI Wallet app, an application that by registering a phone number and associating a credit card or online banking, allows us to charge our account to pay for thousands of different services. In other words, a platform very similar to PayPal.

However, little by little it is incorporating more and more functions, although they are not available in all countries. 

It is evolving following the same path as other payment services that have begun to associate credit cards and, in this case, work with Visa. 

Therefore, we can configure a virtual Visa card for free, in addition to being able to take full advantage of NFC technology for contactless payments.

Pay quickly and securely without the need for cash.

Thanks to this application you can pay for more than 11,000 different services. These are just some examples:

  1. Pay on online entertainment platforms such as Steam, World of Tanks, Warface...
  2. Buy movie or concert tickets.
  3. Instant money transfers from Yandex.Money or Western Union, among others.
  4. Pay telephone, electricity or gas bills to Rostelecom or Gazprom.
  5. Pay traffic or parking fines in Moscow, taxes, schools...
  6. Pay in online stores like AliExpress.
  7. Withdraw money without queuing at banks such as Sberbank or Alfa-Bank.

qiwi wallet app download for (android  - phone)